Welcome to Greenleafgoddess.com !

My name is Jessica Ella & I started this website because I love to cook healthy foods and share my tips and tricks on Food, Health, Beauty & more. I started my love of cooking young, my dad is a professional chef and my mother was an avid baker. I used to experience and try so many different foods from all cultures. My palate is very versatile so I never eat the same meal too often (unless of course it’s so tasty and I want to). I got into healthy cooking and eating when after being overweight most of my teen years I decided I wanted to change my life and begin eating healthy and working out my body and soul. I first began just making swaps for fruits and vegetables and walking for 30 minutes 4 days a week, I Had 100 pounds to lose! After a few weeks of that weight started to come off easy. It was amazing to me how little changes can have such a big effect. My experience with losing weight has influenced my healthy attitude about eating and fitness. Now I am always up to try new healthy things and turn an old fattening favorite into a healthiefied version. The major focus of this website will be all around healthy lifestyle. I hope to influence or motivate someone to live a full healthy lifestyle for themselves.