The Importance of Practicing Gratitude


Gratitude is something a lot of us do not practice on a regular basis let alone daily. Here I am going to talk about the importance of practicing gratitude on a daily basis to help you lead a fuller, more positive, and fruitful life. My personal story about how I came to learn to practice gratitude is this. When I was 8 that was the first time I was exposed to gratitude my mother used to keep a gratitude journal where every day she would write down 5 things she was thankful for no matter how hard the day was. My mom had been battling cancer and she began doing this as a positive practice to put herself into perspective that despite her illness she was blessed and had many things that not everybody has. Seeing my mom be so positive during a difficult time showed me that no matter what always give thanks and be thankful as often as you can. My mom was a pretty positive person no matter what she was going through, my mom taught be to be positive, strong, and not to give up. So me experiencing this shaped me to want to learn more about the practice of gratitude and how to incorporate it into my own life as an adult. I have learned that the point of practicing gratitude is to help you be happier, healthier, a better person to others, and centered. Below I have listed a few benefits of practicing gratitude…

5 Benefits of practicing Gratitude:
1.Improves your mental health

2.Improves your self-esteem

3.Enhances empathy & reduces aggression

4.Improves your physical health

5.Strengthens your emotions


How does gratitude help these things?

Gratitude is directly correlated to being more focused on the positive in life in the now which leads to bringing more positive into your life. Gratitude also helps you to focus on what matters and less on what doesn’t matter. Often times we waste energy dwelling on negative things which create and bring more negative things into our lives (law of attraction).


Ways to start practicing gratitude

So you’re asking how do I begin practicing gratitude? It is simple, Either every day commit a few minutes to say out loud 5 things you are thankful for or get a small notebook and write 5 things every day that you are grateful for even on the days it feels hard to be thankful. Make it a part of your everyday routine to start bringing the benefits of it making you a better person and bringing happiness into your life.

Examples: Today I am thankful for …

  • Waking up
  • Strawberry chapstick
  • Feeling energized today
  • being able to work for myself
  • having a roof over my head

I hope that this inspires you and helps you to incorporate practicing gratitude in your daily life. Gratitude has many benefits to create a better you and world around you let me know in the comments below!

xo Jessica


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Greenleafgoddess 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge

clean eating challenge


Greenleafgoddess 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge

clean eating challenge


Hey Everyone! Welcome to the Greenleafgoddess 30 day clean eating challenge! I wanted to do this because I see a lot of “clean eating challenges” with false information or just telling you what you cannot eat but not outlining what you can which is A LOT! Food is not your enemy and I think that a lot of people do not get that you need to eat to live and be healthy the best way to do this is by eating 4-6 smaller meals throughout the day to keep your metabolism up or eat 3 really well-balanced meals you just have to find what works for you. On the list I made I put all the foods you can eat, foods to avoid, and foods to eat moderately that are CLEAN or cleaner than most. The only thing I have on this list that is mixed is Soy which has mixed research about its health benefits so I added it to the moderate category. Also, I want to stress that this challenge is NOT A DIET I do not believe in diets  I believe in changing your eating habits for a healthier lifestyle. Eating clean makes you feel your best so that you can live your best life and that is what matters. Since my journey of losing 130 pounds my eating has gotten cleaner and cleaner right now it is as clean as it gets and I feel great every day so I wanted to share this clean eating list for everyone. On my blog, you can find recipes that are clean for this journey and you also can change to make vegan or vegetarian if they are not already. Eating clean is a lot easier than you think if you focus on all the great things you can eat and create with the healthiest ingredients possible. Many “dirty” dishes can be made into a clean version i.e my Vegan chili cheese fries 😉 . So try this for 30 days and share this list, let me know how you feel !


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