November & December Beauty Favs 2016

November and December Beauty Favorites 2016


So here are my beauty favs for November & December I decided to wait to do both months as a kind of end of the year cumulative of my favorite beauty products I have used over the last two months. These range from $.99 – $23.00 so they are pretty affordable but amazing products that I have been using over the last two months, You will definitely want to try these! as usual I have listed each and their price below and a lil review about each. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Top Left Corner: Wet n Wild highlighter in Boozy Brunch $5.00 – GIRL this highlighter packs a punch it is super pigmented especially if you use a powder brush you will be shining so be careful but it is beautiful and give you a nice glow, for 5.00 it is a super good highlighter.

Top Center: Clean Sweep Makeup Brush Cleaner $3.99 – If you use a lot of powders or use dark then light eyeshadows this little can is a dream. Basically, it is a silver tin with a sponge type thing inside and you sweep your brush around after each use to get all the color off and when I say it gets all the powder out of your brush I mean it. I have been doing a lot of different eye looks lately and it allows me to use the same brush in dark eyeshadow then clean it and use it in light without color transfer I love it! I suggest everyone get one of these.

Top Right Corner: Wet n Wild White Brushes $0.99-$3.00 – These brushes are great for anyone looking for some affordable makeup brushes. They have 17 brushes and you can build your brush collection easily and affordably. They are soft, apply products well, cruelty free, and easy to clean. What more can you ask for? You can find these at Dollar Tree, Walgreens, and of course Wet n Wilds website.

Center Left: BHCosmetics Eyeshadow Palette in Neutral $7.00 (at TJMaxx $12.00 on their website) – BH Cosmetics is a new line for me I bought a palette at TJmaxx for $7.00 and was amazed and so happy with how pigmented these babies are I had to go back and get another one of their palettes. These palettes are a great buy for anybody looking to get their money’s worth, wants a super pigmented shadow, a lot of different beautiful colors in one package. I highly suggest these!

Center Right: Vaseline Lip Balm in Pink Bubbly (Limited Edition) $4.49 – I actually had wanted this for awhile and when I saw it at Walgreens I screamed! This lip balm is really good and smells just like champagne. This even has wine in the ingredients and comes in a sleek little tin to take with you anywhere. If you want something a little special and cool grab this.

Bottom Left Corner: Silicone Face Scrubber $1.00 – I am all for gentle things to use on your skin and we all know you should exfoliate once a week this little baby makes that gentle and easy. This is easy to clean as well and had a little suction on the back so you can slap it on the wall to air dry.

Bottom Center: 24K Gold Gel Sheet Mask $2.99 – I love any crazy mask so when I saw these I was like ooo yes.They have $1000.00 versions of these and for $2.99 you can feel luxurious too. These have a bit of a strong fragrance but after you use it your skin is left glowing and beautiful.

Bottom Right Corner: Tarte Maneater Mascara $23.00 – I was at Ulta on my birthday and saw this disgustingly cute packaging and saw that it was a volumizing mascara and had to grab it. First off it comes in gold and leopard print packaging how cute? Then it claims 23x the volume and it does deliver! I love love this mascara it is my new favorite after better than sex by Too Faced. If you have been looking for a new mascara to try get this one it is amazing and delivers on it’s promise.

November and December Beauty Favorites 2016


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